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Eligibility: Pre-Readers 0-5, Children 6-12, Teens 13-18, Adults 18+
How to participate:
Parents may register their Pre-Reader ages 0-5 for "Every hero has a story!" Our Summer Challenge runs from May 15 through August 15.
  • Sign up your child online.

  • Complete at least 25 suggested activities related to Early Literacy.

  • Get a special prize once the activity tracker as been completed.

  • You can also register as a family. To do so the parent / caregiver should register first themselves under the adult tab, and then add each family member. You will need only 1 user name and password for the family.

  • Five simple practices to help your child get ready to read:

    crocodile talking Talk with your child about what you read together, about the world around them, about everything! Talk about past events and future activities. Use new words to increase vocabulary and ask them questions and listen to their answers.

    bird singing Songs help children learn the rhythms and rhymes of spoken language. Listening to songs helps children learn new words and hear how words are broken up in to syllables.

    octopus reading Reading together helps a child develop a love of reading, increases their vocabulary and knowledge of the world, and encourages imaginative thinking.

    zebra writing Scribbling and drawing practices hand-eye coordination and develops control of the finger and hand muscles they will need to write. Point out letters and help them understand they represent spoken words.

    crab playing Pretend play helps children learn to think symbolically, develops their narrative language skills, and gives them practice putting thoughts in to words. Children’s natural approach to learning is through play.

    When you use the five practices, you can help your children learn important pre-reading skills that are appropriate for their ages and interests. Have fun with these activities every day so your child wants to do them again and again!